My Poetry

Poetry, you are the story of my life,

the heart I crave to beat,

the brain I birth to think,
the voice of a poet,
the spirit I will produce,

the words I will watch grow,

the scent who attracts bees,

the term who teaches,
the symbolism in this poem,
the life in my vision,

the name in my blood.
This poem was created by K-Lynté © 4-13-13

Top 10 Poems by Poet K-Lynté in 2012

The top 10 poems that were written by Poet K-Lynté in 2012 are the following:

1. With the Wind

2. Captivating Presence

3. Only

4. Among the Layers

5. Clueless Facade

6. Think Cycle

7. Credulous Start

8.  Perfect Day

9. Pure Again

10. Evidence to Sin

Poet Kaylynte

As I listed the aforementioned poems, I noticed that my titles were poetry itself. As a result, I combined the titles into a poem. Please let me know what you think! :)

“Combinational Puzzle”

Somewhere With the Wind,
lies a powerful Captivating Presence.

Only the spirit knows Among the Layers  where it secretly exists.

Clueless Facade can’t process its Think Cycle

like a mind before it was birth.

Replaying ancient questions

about Adam and Eve’s Credulous Start.

On Earth there’s no Perfect Day

like being physically Pure Again.

The consequence we see is the Evidence of Sin .