Dream about Avalanche

Last night, I had a dream that there was a mild rumbling sound coming from outside the building I was in. The only people who heard the sound were the ones who were awake . They quickly ran outside to see where the noise was coming from. To their surprise, there was snow descending with great speed. The snow covered the doors first, then the entire building of those who were asleep. The interesting part of the dream was that many people were sleeping during the day while a bright white color shined outside. 

There was a strong desire within the people who were awake to warn those who were asleep, but there was no time. The ones who were awake ran to the top of a rocky hill with supernatural strength. The people moved up the hill as fast as the snow was coming down. All the people who were awake lived, but all the people who were asleep died and were buried miles beneath the snow in the buildings.

(During the dream, I discerned that the avalanche was very unexpected, the location of this place usually doesn’t get snow, nor was it the season for snow.)

~K-Lynté © 9/9/14
*Matthew 25:1-13*

Believe in Life

Believe life, think life, study Life and speak life.
Life is the truth & the way to living Life.

Repentance leds to Life, but You can’t believe Life without knowing the power of Life.

To know Life is to believe in Life.
Believe in Life & you will speak Life.

Live in freedom for He who gave his only begotten Life.
Study Life’s way & share Life’s victory.
Put faith in Life.

Life is risen.
Life lives.

~K-Lynté © 08/25/14
*John 14:6*

My Poetry

Poetry, you are the story of my life,

the heart I crave to beat,

the brain I birth to think,
the voice of a poet,
the spirit I will produce,

the words I will watch grow,

the scent who attracts bees,

the term who teaches,
the symbolism in this poem,
the life in my vision,

the name in my blood.
This poem was created by K-Lynté © 4-13-13