The Attack Of The Swine

Not defended
So sad, offended
They know, you knew,
You’re no longer new

Snare in the soul, no longer whole
The hireling has left its role

Precious pearls have been smashed
Neither picked up nor thrown in the trash

Defiled plus beguiled equals
Questions and suppressions

Trapped in a pigpen
Like a deep box with no doors concealed in a big den

Internally muddy after the attack of the swine
Closed in, the smell Ain’t fine

Eye no longer single, full of darkness inside

“Somebody help!”
Silent thought not said aloud.

Acting out for attention to ease the affliction
A call for help to direct
Like the cry of a sheep with no Shepherd to protect

Separated from the ninety-nine
Are you abiding in the vine?
Pay attention to the signs

K-Lynté © 09/15/15.

What’s Done in the Dark …

Where did she learn it?
No one asked her how
She was just accused of being a mischievous child

The innocent don’t know corruption unless their taught

People noticed, she used to be lively
Now she’s distraught, distant from the world like an astronaut

Can’t tell nobody, intimidated, scared of being mocked
Time ticking into years, incarcerated, the crime has been locked
Like a traffic jam, the memories are blocked

Secrets not moving like a dead battery in a dusty-abandoned clock

Those who see a difference in her are shocked
They silence themselves with thoughts,
“Oh it’s been awhile, since it happened,
Perhaps, she forgot. I shouldn’t bring it up, it may be a trigger that doesn’t want to be fought.”

Yes, that might be true, but counseling should be sought
Instead, people worry too much about their loved one being caught

Think about it-
How can the hurt be healed, if no one wants to talk?

K-Lynté © 07/12/15.

Not Proud, but Pleased

Background: The son won many achievement awards at his school. The mother of the son was very happy. Out of all the awards that he won, the one that really touched her was him being recognized as the Best Language Arts Student.

Mom: I’m very proud of you son.

Son: Oh, Mommy please don’t say you are proud of me. The bible says that God resist the proud and I don’t want Him to resist you.

[Mom pauses for a few seconds to think about what her son just said.]

Mom: I haven’t thought of being proud in that way before, but you are right. Over the years, I’ve heard people say “they are proud” so much that I started saying it. I have been going overboard bragging about you to people. Also, I noticed that, I’ve been haughty because you are number one in just about everything you do. I’m glad you said something because now I know that I opened a door of pride to enter by saying that. I will pray and ask God to close that door over my life.

Son: Thank you for being humble Mommy.

Mom: You’re welcome son. Thank you for correcting me. I want you to know that I am not proud, but very pleased about your accomplishments. It brings me great joy to be your mommy.

Son: I’m glad to have you as my Mommy. [The son smiles and gives his mom a huge hug.]


Not Proud, but Pleased, is a one-act play, written by K-Lynté © 2015. Bible References: James 4:6, Hosea 4:6, & Matthew 3:17.

Truth Revealed

Like Clueless Facade
Nobody had a clue
I mistreated you
Because of the hurt
That I went thru

Generational curses brought the frowns
Was bad & buck wild
Demon possessed as a child
Angry with no smiles

-Didn’t even remember how-

The truth has been revealed, what am I to do now? (*while crying aloud & no longer proud)

Jesus Christ, I believe in you
You came the flesh & it is true
Remorseful of the past
Glad it doesn’t have to last

Tears down my face, Erase my fears

I confess my wrong
Without you Lord, I’m not strong

To overcome the enemy
I need your power
I ask that you pleasantly hear my prayer this hour

I repent of my sins
Desire to bring wickedness to an end
Please wash me to start again

Create in me a clean heart
Bless me with the Holy Spirit
Don’t allow Him to depart

Where the Spirit of the Lord is
There is liberty
Heavenly Father, I put my trust in thee
Cast all devils out of me
Speak the word Lord & they will flee
Who the Son sets free, shall be free indeed.

I praise you Lord in victory,
Being a doer of your living word
is who I want to be.

K-Lynté © 06/11/15.

Dream about Avalanche

Last night, I had a dream that there was a mild rumbling sound coming from outside the building I was in. The only people who heard the sound were the ones who were awake. We quickly ran outside to see where the noise was coming from. To our surprise, there was snow descending down a hill towards the building with great speed. Without hesitation, we ran swiftly to the top of a much higher rocky- hill with miraculous strength. The rocky hill was close by on the opposite side of the moving avalanche. The speeding snow covered the doors first, then it concealed the entire building of those who were asleep.

There was a strong desire within us, those awake, to warn the people who were asleep. Unfortunately, there was no time to do that. We accelerated up the rocky hill as fast as the snow was coming down. All the people who were awake lived, but all the people who were asleep died and were buried miles beneath the snow in the buildings.

The interesting parts of the dream are the following:

  • Many people were sleeping during the day while a bright white color had shone outside from the sun.
  • It was not snowing prior to the avalanche. It was summer.
  • The avalanche was unexpected.
  • The location of the place usually doesn’t get snow, nor was it the season for snow.

K-Lynté © 09/09/14.

[Matthew 25:1-13]